Star Finish Ion-Tech Anti Static Gun

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Mix Plast / Star Finish Ion-Tech Anti Static Gun. Removes static electricity, the enemy of a perfect paint job!

ü  Starfinish is CE approved

ü  Weight: 870g

ü  Air consumption: less than 0.45 MPa - below 60psi

ü  Dimensions: W70 X D200 X L300

ü  Easy to self-service the unit when required – electrode replacement

ü  Manufactured in France by MixPlast

ü  Ergonomic design

ü  Latest nickel metal hydride battery (NiMh) rechargeable battery. (Not to be confused with nickel–hydrogen battery).- Powerful, strong battery life 4 days + and fast recharge 4 hours

ü  Outstanding build quality

ü  3 year warranty

ü  Strong magnet built in for wall mounting (so tool is not left where it can get damaged)

3 Year Manufacturers Warranty